The cryptocurrency "ATC Launchpad" has the objective of supporting the development of startup projects and growing together with them.


What are the utilities of ATCPAD?

What are the utilities of ATCPAD? ATCP is the token that empowers the entire ATCP ecosystem. Its main utilities are: participating the IGOs and INOs hosted at ATCP, staking or farming to earn passive income, get free incubation tokens via the ATCP staking feature and use it for travel expenses and bookings at The ATCP team is constantly working to bring more relevant utilities to ATPAD

Access to Leading Projects As a launchpad and incubator we're constantly searching for the best upcoming games, NFTs and metaverses projects for our holders to invest.Projects Due Diligence We do the hard work of checking if the project is worth investing in, meeting the team and deeply analyzing its whitepaper prior to the IGO. Purchase the tokens and NFTs early Get the advantage of pre-launch purchasing of tokens and NFTs of the projects and the listing price prior to everyone. Stake and Farm for Passive Income Holders can get double rewards by staking and farming ATCP and also get free tokens from our incubated projects vis the ATCP Staking Feature.


ATCP run quick see, what do we have here now

To start enjoying all the benefits of being an ATCPAD holder, you need to stake/farm your ATCPADs in one of the pools available and complete By having those steps done,

ICO Participants

ATCP COIN Competition Page

Start Bitcoin earning today!

Investment packages yearly
Reference packages are for Reference earnings. 10 USD Yearly 100 USD
Every 1000 USD of atc coin you keep in your wallet earn 1 ticket in return
1st place 20% 2nd place10% 3rd place 5% other 7 places 15% in total Getting referrals 35% 1st hat 20% 2nd hat 10% 3rd hat 5% shield gain 15%
  • 3 Winning Methods
    • 1 Interest of the investor when buying any package
    • 2 Investor's monthly earnings
    • 3 Percentage of commission held when withdrawing
  • Gain depths
    • 10%
    • 5%
    • 3%
    • 1%
  1. $10 monthly, $100 yearly, $1000 indefinitely backofice to get referral earnings
  2. Winners of the guess receive a 50% pool bonus.
  3. Bonus Reference Gain
    • 1st place 20% 2nd place10% 3rd place 5% other 7 places 15% in total
  4. Getting referrals 35%
    • 1st place 20% 2nd place10% 3rd place 5% place gain 15%


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